Alzheimer’s Care in Santa Maria, CA


Alzheimer is a one of the several well-known diseases that does not yet have a cure. It’s a disease caused by a progressive brain disorder. It’s an alarming disease that needs more attention when it comes to care and concern for those who suffer from it. The best thing that can be done for people with this debilitating condition is to help make them feel safe, secure and loved.

Santa Maria Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer care in Santa Maria, CA must provide the most loving and continuous care to ensure your loved one is comfortable and safe in his or her new environment. The staff at AAA Kindness Care home specializes in giving the right unconditionally loving care for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other diseases that need special attention. We are professional caregivers who handle all the needs of our patients to help each feel relaxed and loved in our beautiful home.

AAA Kindness  Alzheimer’s Care facilities

The AAA Kindness Care Alzheimer’s care facility in Santa Maria, CA. provides ideal care for those with Alzheimer that can’t live independently. These facilities can be described as assisted living residences or “memory care” residences. Our Alzheimer’s care program provides the following:

 room and board

 housekeeping

 social activities

As well as assistance and supervision of basic activities like:

 personal hygiene

 dressing

 eating

 walking

Our caregivers are trained to handle behaviors that are normally associated with Alzheimer’s like:

 Combativeness

 Sundowners syndrome