Visit Our AAA Kindness Dementia Care & Alzheimer’s Care Facility in Santa Maria, CA

Alzheimer’s care and dementia care facilities at AAA Kindness Care Home consist of specially designed living spaces and supportive environments for those who are living with cognitive challenges brought on by Alzheimer’s and dementia. These specially designed living spaces include:

– carefully considered flooring for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia

– areas of the community set up for safe engagement in activities such as gardening, and other life skills that provide purposeful and meaningful moments of success.

AAA Kindness Staff Training and Behavioral Problem Solving

The AAA Kindness staff are trained in the concept of generating daily moments of success by offering opportunities for residents to find happiness and meaning that supports their unique needs. The program is deeply rooted in a person-centered approach focused on sustaining feelings of belonging and purpose while seeking to preserve a sense of self.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Daily Activities

Our AAA Kindness activities program offers a gentle daily structure to maintain the resident’s abilities and encourage the use of their current skills. This daily routine gives residents a sense of security that they are “right where they need to be.”

Activities can include:

– A morning mental workout with discussions, brain stimulating games, and reminiscing.

– Physical activity with a variety of fitness programs, group exercises, and walking sessions.

– Daily life skills, which provide a sense of purpose, meaning and belonging.

– Person centered programming, which uses the person’s social history information as a foundation.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Dining Program

Our unique dining program provides residents the opportunity to enjoy and master the dining experience with:

– Dementia friendly menus that provide diverse offerings that can assist in full engagement in the dining

process regardless of the level of dementia.

– Menu selections that are familiar, tasty and healthy.

– Individualized dining assistance.

– Small dining tables in a beautiful dining area that helps with familiarity and socialization.

– Music, centerpieces,and nice table cloths enhance the dining experience.

Come visit us to see for yourself the level of kindness and care we provide your loved ones suffering from dementia.

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  1. Our AAA Kindness Dementia Care & Alzheimer Care facility in Santa Maria is the Number 1 facility of its kind in California. We are dedicated, trained and equipped to provide outstanding,24/7 attentive care for those entrusted to our care. Visit us to see the beauty, calmness and vitality for yourself.

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