AAA vs. In-Home Care

AAA Kindness Care Home Vs. In-Home Care

Is your family receiving or considering in-home care for your loved one with dementia or old age issues? Have you considered how in-home care would compare to my wife’s amazing 23 bed AAA Kindness Care Home in Santa Maria Valley?

For example, does the in-home company bring a great activities director  and other nice people in every day to give your Mom great  socialization and activities like she would have at AAA?

Does your in-home caregiver lead your Mom in a good daily exercise class?

Does the in-home caregiver have plenty of experience at cooking healthy and tasty meals like the cook at AAA Kindness Care?

Does the in-home caregiver take your Mom outside for walks in a beautiful park-like setting, yet also securely gated and away from traffic for the safety of those with dementia like your loved one would have at AAA? Does your home have as amazing of setting and views in nature as your loved one would enjoy at AAA Kindness Care, yet only 11 minutes from Marian Medical Center?

Is the in-home care as safe as at AAA?  For example, is there always a 2nd or 3rd caregiver on-hand if needed for a more difficult transfer. Do you have alarms on all of the doors at your home that alert the in-home caregiver if your loved one opens an outside door at night? Was your home carefully designed and set up as well as AAA Kindness Care Home with wide doorways, wide hallways, and large super easy access roll-in showers, etc.?

Does the 24/7 in-home care end up costing you far more than it would cost for a much better option at AAA Kindness Care Home?  One of our current residents was paying twice as much for in-home care before moving in here, and the exercise classes and other activities, healthy and tasty meals, socialization, etc. here has worked out far better and more joyful for her at half of the cost.

Please come for a tour and make an honest and fair comparison yourself between  AAA Kindness Care Home vs. In-Home care.