Our Home

Welcome home!

Licensed for up to 23 super lucky residents, we provide a quiet, loving and homey setting surrounded by amazing natural beauty. Our home is a spacious 12,000 sq. ft. home with 15 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms for the residents, plus living quarters upstairs for our experienced on-site administrator/owner, Amparo Hunt, and her husband, Charles Hunt. Perhaps the greatest advantage in choosing our care home is that Amparo lives there full time, ensuring constant quality control and supervision. Amparo has more than 20 years of loving and committed experience in providing the best care possible for your loved one. How many care homes like this have an owner committed enough to live at the care home full time to help run it right, and in the most loving way? Amparo’s parents had 11 children, and to her our residents and our team members are just like one large loving family.

We are located just East of Santa Maria on a spectacular 20-acre view parcel surrounded by farms, vineyards and incredible natural beauty. Our home has large handicap accessible showers, beautiful wide crown moldings in all rooms, beautiful real wood flooring, etc. The quality craftsmanship resembles that of a grand central coast estate, not like a cold, impersonal retirement home. Building this care home from the ground up was a true labor of love. We were intimately involved with every aspect of the design and construction that was completed in 2010 with all of the needs and desires of the elderly in mind as we designed and built it. You need to come see how beautifully it turned out. The overwhelmingly positive responses we’ve received from our residents, their family members, and other visitors also bring us great satisfaction.

Much attention was devoted to making this a safe, comfortable and non-stressful home for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia. For example, there is a state-of-the-art door monitoring system and outside secured gates specifically designed to prevent our residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia from wandering off and endangering themselves. Our home is also a great home for anyone who may just need a little assistance, or even for someone who just wants to live in an incredibly beautiful home with a beautiful country setting. Residents and guests love that our home does not feel, look, or smell like a care home or “facility” in any way.

Your loved ones are invited to live with us as a part of our family, and our home will become their home. You can focus on being the loving daughter or son, instead of also trying to be their caregiver. The stress will melt away, for both you and your loved one. We made sure that every detail was completed with the needs and desires of our residents in mind.

Please come for a tour of our incredibly beautiful assisted living care home, where we specialize in doing everything with kindness and love. Ask our residents why they love it here, and don’t forget to ask our team why they love it, too. One lady who helps place people in care homes in the area recently expressed, “There is no care home in the area that compares to what you have here.” The “supersized” care homes often feel more like a “facility” or an “institution” rather than a home, and the small 6 bed care homes can’t afford the high end amenities like large activity rooms, activities directors, large handicap accessible tile showers, and the beautiful 1/8 mile walkway that we have. The bottom line is that our care home was designed just right — big enough for all the great amenities and activities, yet small and “homey” enough to truly feel like a cozy and incredibly loving home that your mother or father will feel “at home” in, and love.

You will find that we focus on enjoying authentic and joyful relationships in our happy home. Even our young 5 year old grandson expressed while here for a visit, “grandma, this is a happy home.” This is why residents and team members stay with us long-term and why both groups are so joyful. Fun activities are great, and we do a lot of them with our wonderful activities leading the way. However, we clearly understand it is far more important that we do all that we can to build uplifting and joyful relationships, and that everyone here feels truly loved and cared about every day. A son of one of our residents expressed on several occasions that you can’t fake the love that is clearly felt in this home. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is their highest rating possible. Click on the BBB logo below to view our rating, etc. on their website.

License #425801691.