I would like to say I was very fortunate to acquire this home, and I have found that the help is very good. I enjoy the helpers. I think that they are excellent. The meals I have found to be good quality.

When my daughters were looking for a place for me there was no vacancy here at the time. When they heard there was an opening, I was happy and made the move as quickly as I could from the facility I was in. I can not think of a better place for a senior man 91 years old.

When I moved in here, I was being pushed around in a wheelchair and I was not walking. With the daily walking exercise help, and daily exercise class, I can now walk a full 1/8 mile lap around the care home with a walker. The grounds and views are beautiful for taking a walk around the home. I had a hip problem when I moved in here, and with the exercise classes and walking help, it has disappeared. I feel very comfortable here. It is great. I am not joshing you. This is the truth.

Jack W. Spencer


Amparo Hunt has a gift for making people feel loved and valued. As a monthly visitor at AAA Kindness Care home for almost 4 years, it impresses me that each time I come she seems completely delighted to see me. I’m always welcomed with an enthusiastic hug and smile. As we chat, our conversation inevitably turns to her work. Vibrant and passionate are words that describe how she feels about elder care. She talks about the people living in her home with genuine love and interest. Her commitment to her work is extraordinary; the business of elder care occupies her 24/7. Although she puts in very long days, she is always on call at night. If I had the option of moving my aging mother to AAA Kindness Care, I would do it. I am confident Amparo would take my mother into her arms and tell her she is loved. I am also confident Amparo’s care home would provide the kind of life for my mother that I wish she could have for the last few years of her life.
Lanna Spears    

Dawn, my wife of 66 years suffers from Alzheimer’s. As the illness was progressing to the point that I could no longer care for her, we started looking at long term care facilities. AAA Kindness Care stood out, and Dawn has been there now for almost nine months. While Dawn has trouble communicating, she clearly loves AAA’s pastoral setting – surrounded by farmland with views of the hills – and makes regular use of the walkway around the building (fenced and gated of course) as well as the covered porch with its magnificent vistas.

While it was heart wrenching to live apart after so many years together, I take consolation in knowing that Dawn is getting a quality of care that I never saw in any other facility. Amparo, the owner, slept in Dawn’s room the first two nights (they are spacious rooms!) in case she woke up disoriented. When we told this to a relative who inspects similar facilities for the state of New Jersey, she was amazed. In all her experience, she had never encountered a facility which went to such lengths to care for its residents. AAA’s small size – only 14 residents – helps explain part of its uniqueness. The patient, loving care which all the staff lavishes on Dawn helps ease my pain at no longer being able to care for her.

I, along with my daughter and son-in-law would be happy to talk with families of prospective residents to answer questions or go into more detail about our experience. We recognize what a difficult decision it is to put a loved one in long term care, and hope we might be of some help in easing your burden. Just call Amparo (805 709-1761) and ask for our phone numbers.

Richard Woods

Hi, My name is Gloria Keller and I would like to tell you about AAA Kindness Care Home. My Mother has lived in AAA Kindness Care Home for two years and absolutely loves it. She simply glows when asked about her new residence. Amparo Hunt has done a beautiful job of planning their facility to address the needs of their residents. She designed nice wide halls so wheel chairs or walkers have plenty of room to pass and the living spaces are open, so there is no problem maneuvering around. The bedrooms are spacious as well as the bathrooms. There are lots of windows to let in light and beautiful views of the country side with various crops, cattle, and the mountains in the distance. The furnishings are tasteful and comfortable. You need to see it for yourself as there are too many features to do it justice here.

More importantly, Amparo and everyone on her staff are very kind and caring. They are in tune with the individual needs of their residents, which are seen to quickly with respect and love. They are great cooks and believe in serving healthy foods with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They all make sure their residents feel at home and are comfortable. They are very accommodating and are wonderful in their kind and caring interaction with their residents. We feel blessed to have found this home for our Mom! The name they have chosen for their home certainly represents their attitude.

Gloria J. Keller

I nearly died in 2000 from a severe car accident that took months of recovery. Amparo Hunt was the most caring Caregiver and friend that you could imagine. She is now also my wonderful and caring wife and forever companion. She was not at all expecting to become my wife at the time that she cared for me, but her unconditional love and friendliness towards all who are in need are some of the many qualities that made me nutty about her! When I get old, I will want to be in her care-home, even if I was not the lucky husband. When you get to know Amparo, you will see and understand why I love her so much. When Amparo and I were married 14 years ago, there were two millionaires who also wanted to marry her, and I was financially dead broke at that time, which was one of the obvious evidences to me that she clearly understands that joyful quality loving relationships are what matters most.Come by for a tour and meet Amparo and her wonderful loving team, and you will feel at peace to trust your loved one with them.

Charles Hunt (the lucky husband)

Hello, I am a resident at the AAA Kindness Care Home II in Santa Maria, and feel it is a wonderful place to be. It has all the comforts of home. I really enjoy having my own personal bedroom and bathroom which allows privacy and a quiet place when desired. The food is excellent — prepared fresh, nutritious and tasty. The staff is also excellent. Help is readily available when needed. They try to meet the needs and desires of the residents in a kind and loving manner.

Alma Crossman


My name is Donna Fredericks, and I’d like to share some thoughts about our experience with AAA Kindness Care Home. Fred Fredericks has been a resident for two months, and feels like he is with family in his own home. Amparo and her staff make him feel loved and very special, and they make every effort to see that his needs are met.

Fred has had some difficulty in the past in regard to adjusting to his surroundings. That is not the case at AAA Kindness Care Home. He has adjusted well, due to the personal care that is available to him. He is treated with the utmost respect, and even looks forward to meals, as they make sure to incorporate all of his favorite foods into their menu planning.

We feel very happy to know that Fred is in such a good place, and we no longer have to worry about him getting quality care. I would highly recommend AAA Kindness Care Home for anyone interested in finding a good home for their loved one.

Donna Fredericks

(805) 598-0380


Finding compassionate care for a loved one who needs around the clock care can be very difficult. That is why we were so blessed when we found the AAA Kindness Care Center for my Mom, Lois Osler, who suffers from the late stages Alzheimer’s disease. We kept her at home as long as we could. First in our home and then my daughter cared for her. Her care became very difficult to manage with only family support. Bringing in outside help was too expensive. We first placed her in a care home near our home, but her health deteriorated and she gained excessive amounts of weight. She sat in a chair all day. They placed her on several additional medications so they could manage her care.

We needed to make a change so that Lois would receive the same love we wanted her to have, but could no longer manage in our homes. That is when we found the AAA Kindness Center. Whenever we visit Mom, she is up and dressed and happy. They offer the same love and compassion everyone wants for their loved ones when home care becomes impossible. They changed her diet and put her on a complete healthy diet which includes vegetable and fruit smoothies. She has lost 35 pounds. When we first brought Mom to the Center she could barely move from one chair to another and had severe shortness of breath. They have managed her care successfully and have eliminated many unneeded medications. Now she takes daily walks and is up to 1/8th of a mile. Her coloring has come back to normal with rosy cheeks and the big smile that we have always loved. She takes art lessons and has painted some beautiful paintings. They bring musicians in to play music and Lois has always enjoyed art and music. WE understand that her mental condition will continue to get worse; but it gives us peace of mind to know the AAA Kindness Center has provided her with the comfort and things she needs to enhance her daily living.

We are so happy that we have found the AAA Kindness Center. We love all of the staff who treat our Mom and all of the residents who live there with dignity and compassion. They are all dedicated to caring for each as if they are family. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is so challenging and can leave family members tired and desperate for help. We are very grateful for the care Lois is receiving at the AAA Kindness Center and for the kindness they extend to us every time we visit.

With grateful hearts,

Mary & Steve Osler


My personal observations regarding AAA Kindness:

Primarily as a house call doctor, my practice involves caring for patients at a variety of facilities. I find the care being given a AAA Kindness to be kind and compassionate.

I have had several residents at AAA Kindness, who previously resided at other facilities, and I have seen major improvement in their mental and physical well being. I find the physical facility at AAA Kindness to be excellent as well as their care-giving.


Gautam S. Bhakta M.D.


My sister has been in AAA since August 29, 2011. Sis’ daughter and I used the Alzheimer’s Organization teaching that “Safety Trumps Happiness” to help us accept the wisdom of placing her into a care home. Happily, she has both in AAA. She is not only Safe, she is Happy. It gives us peace of mind knowing she is in such a beautiful, loving, safe environment.

The first time I walked in, I felt the love and warmth. Amparo is an extremely loving person with exceptional skills, motivation and special gifts to care for her residents. Her home definitely lives up to its name…AAA. Amparo has hired an excellent staff and is an example to them. They are also exceptionally caring, warm, and loving. Sis experienced their love and compassion immediately. Their genuine caring has helped her adjust and feel it is her home. She loves the food and is eating better than she has in a long time. She enjoys the outings with Amparo, going to church, the daily exercise program, and many walks around the home. She also enjoys the other residents and staff. We feel blessed to have her living in AAA.

Launa Harward